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  • 28% of work time is lost because of interruptions – J Spira & J Feintuch, 2005 – this study was done in 2005, it is therefore likely that a similar study would find a higher result today (with, among other things, higher use of open office arrangements, social networks or digital work tools).


  • 3 minutes on average before knowledge workers switch from one task to another – study of multitasking in knowledge work, G Mark & V Gonzalez, 2004


Use cases

  • Taking breaks at work brings many benefits such as improved productivity, creativity, decision making, motivation … This article summarises some of them.


  • On the link between lack of digital disconnection and burnout – see pages 46/103 (or 55/112) Alison Loreg, 2020


  • Study on the impacts of the out-of-hours email availability expectations – Blekin et al., 2020 (paywalled) – a main idea being that the expectation of availability alone reduces recovery and increases stress, independently of the time actually spent replying to messages.

Digital disconnection article : Harvard and the BCG


  • In that summary we make a link with Google’s observation about the 5 traits that make successful teams. Here, the trait that interested us most in the article is that of psychological safety.

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