Focus on your important work, we’ll put the rest on silent

We help focus better at work by reducing untimely interruptions.

Our solution helps employees reduce stress and gain time on a daily basis, among other features and benefits explained below.

What’s at stake ?


of work time is lost because of interruptions. About 10 hours per week.


minutes on average before knowledge workers switch from one task to another.


of interruptions can be reduced with better awareness and good practices.

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Our solution, briefly

Daily use

With the push of a button or a time slot on your electronic calendar, your notifications are reduced and your colleagues are informed that you need to focus.

Exemple de l'utilisation simple de la solution QualFlo

Conversely, you will know when your colleagues can be interrupted without disturbing them thanks to the device or availability displayed on your usual digital tools.

Exemple de l'utilisation simple de la solution QualFlo

Whenever it fits best

Check your usage report and customise your settings according to your way of working or your focused work objectives.
Exemple de l'utilisation simple de la solution QualFlo
Use thematic sheets, tips and methods to test new practices that improve performance or well-being, for topics such as cognitive psychology, internal communication, management or time management.
Exemple de l'utilisation simple de la solution QualFlo

What benefits for your company ?

La solution QualFlo permet d'améliorer l'efficience


Less interruptions means less time lossed and better performance

La solution QualFlo permet d'améliorer le bien-être de vos employés


More control over time at work leads to less stress more more satisfaction

La solution QualFlo permet d'améliorer la communcation interne

Internal communication

Better timed interactions lead to less frustration and better cohesion

The 4 pillars of our approach

loupe encadrée - concentration


Our web application connects to your digital tools, applications and IoT device to create a “zone” for you to focus.

Avoiding distractions will be less taxing and you will have more ways to concentrate on what’s important for the amount of time that you choose.

Conseils avec la solution qualflo

Actionable advice

We provide methods to test and apply collective or individual practices in relation to time and interruption management.

We also suggest relevant topics to discuss our relationship with technology and its impacts (on our ability to concentrate for example).

Gérez mieux les interactions avec vos collègues


We give you additional ways and tips to manage your interactions, to facilitate them at the right moments of your working day rather than having to endure them at the wrong time.

To find out more about these features please feel free to request a demo further down this page.

Profitez de nouvelles données sans compromettre la confidentialité


The data generated by our web application is mainly used to observe and analyse your own use of the solution over time. In addition, a more global view of this data (respecting our privacy policy) allows managers to know and analyse the overall situation.

Finally, we use the anonymised data internally to study the impact of our solution.

What problems are we addressing ?

Some working methods and cultures reveal several contradictions:

The benefits of distraction-free time at work, of flow, are known from scientific research, experts and some companies. Yet multitasking or hyper-connection remain widespread.

The management methods or the layout of some companies don’t allow sufficient flexibility in the working environment. The occasional use of teleworking or isolated workspaces is a good way of avoiding a mismatch between an employee’s activity and their environment.

Ubiquitous connectivity, which for some is a synonym for all-round progress, can lead to long-term concentration difficulties, like an addiction, or to a necessary digital disconnection outside working hours.

In today’s economy, the value and scarcity of deep, complex or creative work are simultaneously increasing (see Deep Work). In contrast, companies in the attention economy highly value developing products and services that best capture our time.

A few use cases

Manage non-urgent requests and notifications

The typical use case for our solution is the following. If you want to focus on a task, let’s say for an hour, you press the button on the device. Then its light switches on and so does the web application (without having to go to our application page). The digital work tools (applications, email, web browser, instant messaging interface, etc.) that you have previously linked to our app are “silenced” until the end of the time dedicated to your goal.

At the end of this concentration period of time, you will be notified of what has been sent to you so that you don’t miss anything important. In the meantime, the light on your device will go out and your colleagues will know that you are available to interact again.

Analyse and streamline working hours

By calling on us, we will help you to open (or reopen) the discussion about your work habits (and telework) related to our field of expertise. In addition, we will suggest different approaches based on methods developed by experts or on research in management and psychology.

By discussing with your team members of their work habits and more generally of their needs for concentration or interaction, you will be able to “protect” them from interruptions at times when they are most effective or to help them choose a time to interact about collaborative topics. For example, you can use feedback and some data to consider redesigning the workspace so that it best serves the balance between individual and collaborative work.

Additionally, by linking our web application with your project management tool accounts (Asana, Jira, Trello, …) you will be able to have more elaborate data on the impact of interruptions on your projects (in compliance with our privacy policy, i.e. without employee surveillance).

Promote informal discussions with appropriate timing

We’re convinced that it would be beneficial for all if workers and companies were to allow more time for fully focused work. That doesn’t mean it should be done at the expense of social interactions at work.

For example, whether it’s to take a break (breaks are necessary to be able to concentrate afterwards) or to generate a new idea on a difficult issue, discussions between colleagues are important. That’s why some of our features facilitate qualitative interactions, whether in the office or while teleworking. Besides, our web application allows you to ask for someone in a non-intrusive way, for a question related to a project, to suggest a coffee break, or whatever.

Supporting healthy and effective telework

Many teleworkers see it as an opportunity to make effective progress on deep work by using the time away from the office to focus better. Others find it difficult to adapt (especially during the current health crisis) and suffer for various reasons. We provide practical resources and advice on how to prepare and develop a methodology to enjoy the benefits of telework and manage its challenges. Our web application supports this methodology to simply manage the flow of digital demands that increase with the move to telework.

Note that particular attention should be paid to practices intensified by teleworking that are detrimental to disconnection and can contribute to burn-out. For example, being expected to reply to emails outside working hours prevents the brain from unwinding and resting, which makes us less effective the next day and can contribute to constant stress.

Contributing to multiple aspects of well-being at work

Well-being at work is a vast and multifactorial topic. With our approach and solution, many knowledge workers can improve their quality of work life in a sustainable way.

At an individual level, for example, an employee can try new practices to work in a more satisfying way and by reducing unnecessary time pressure stress. Reducing interruptions during individual tasks and taking advantage of interactions with colleagues for a qualitative exchange will contribute to this.

Managers, some HR roles or management will be able to use our solution to better understand the positive or negative aspects of their work culture and then develop a method to further improve the working conditions of their teams.


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