Take control over your work time

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Web app

  • Individual: easy-to-use tools to get organised and control distractions
  • Group: features to interact with colleagues at the right time
  • Manager: tools to implement changes in practices and analyse group data

*Some features integrate with the digital tools you already use

IoT Device

  • A light to indicate a period of concentration to colleagues
  • A link to the web application to trigger it simply, without having to access the interface

Actionable advice & resources

  • Good practices to be tested individually to improve your working environment and performance
  • Methods to test new internal communication practices with your team
  • For those who are curious, information sheets on what experts say in their field: psychology, management, well-being and working conditions, etc.

Support & assistance

  • Diagnosis and discussions before implementing the solution
  • Technical and practical help to get to grips with the web application and the IoT device.
  • Suggestions to make the most out of the features and resources
  • Contact with consultants and speakers to learn more about complementary topics

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