Improve well-being and efficiency of your employees by limiting unwanted interruptions.

The ability to concentrate at work is an essential factor for creativity, productivity and stress reduction.

We offer a solution that allows you to adapt your work environment to promote good practices and reduce interruptions.

Create group synergy and emphasize deep work.


How does it work ?

One button per person to start the concentration period

A light to indicate unavailability to coworkers simply, no confusion possible

A platform to manage your user preferences: concentration time, synchronization with your calendar, automatic muting of notifications, etc.

An interface to know the availability of your coworkers in real time

A solution deployed for an entire team to enable better collaboration and collective performance

Study the ROI of the solution and take change management further with analytical usage reports while respecting individual data

Cooperate differently


Every interruption that is prevented means time saved, stress avoided, and a better executed task.

Concentration over a long period of time is essential for complex thinking, synthetic work and to increase creativity tenfold.


The solution promotes face-to-face interactions as soon as the employee has completed their task, which means better quality interactions with their coworkers.

Tasks that are completed without interruptions provide more satisfaction, which is a sign of deep work.

Customised tracking

Users can track their progress and the manager has access to team indicators.

The data collected is processed to serve as an analysis tool for the HR department, managers and senior management.

Key information on collective performance and employee well-being can be used to drive further improvements in the work environment.





  • Hassle-free analytical reports for managers, HR or finance departments and executives

  • On the user side, a simple push of a button to limit interruptions

  • The light on each desk indicates the need for concentration: available or focused




  • Set up QualFlo in minutes and then continue working with your usual tools

  • Cut your digital notifications and block your time slots

  • Works with your tools: Outlook, Google Calendar, Gmail, Slack, Calendly, Doodle,…




  • Real-time availability of each coworker

  • QualFlo’s data is used to measure and analyze the impact of improvements to the work environment.

  • Privacy and data security are insured

Test QualFlo with your team


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